Mechanochemically activating mixture of natural phosphate - admixture and their use in the agriculture
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Author: Kostadinova, Petya; Dombalov, Ivan
Mechanochemical activation of the mixture of Tunisia phosphorite and ammonia sulphate (1:1) is carried out in a planetary mill with Cr-Ni milling bodies - 20mm and duration of mechanochemical activation from 10 ± 600 min. By different physicochemical methods are established that: by X-Ray phase analysis is definite the products of the mechanochemical activation - Ca5F(PO4)3, (NH4)2SO4, β-Ca3(PO4)2.xH2O, (NH4)2SO4.2CaSO4, NH4Ca(PO3)3, (NH4)2CaH4(P2O7)2, CaH2P2O7 and is proving mechanochemical synthesis by infrared spectra is proved structural changes in the main functional group in natural phosphate and ammonia sulphate. [BG].