Importance of Diabrotica Virgifera Virgifera Le Conte species from maize crops in Western part of Romania
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Author: Grozea, Ioana; Chirita, Ramona; Carabet, Alin
The Western part of the country (Banat) is an important area for the production of grain maize for seed and silage. Since 1996, the specialists from Romania carries out a monitoring program with the aim to detect Diabrotica. Until now, we can say this invasive pest is sporadically present in Western half part of Romania and widely in Banat`s countries. Here, were made researches in biology, ecology and control of insect. Because the first appearances of adults were registered in the Western part of the country, the complete development researches of WCR it could be presented only in these places. In last years were reported economical damages. The cost of controlling the pest is high and until now there are no officially registered the authentically pesticides on the Romanian market, may be, in following year. [EN].