Biodiversity of the beneficial organisms (Entomopathogens, predators and parasitoids) in seed orchard biocoenoses in Bulgaria
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Author: Balevski, Nikolai; Simova, Spaska; Velichkova-Kojuharova, Maria; Draganova, Slavimira
The beneficial organisms play an important role in the regulation of the phytophagous pests in seed orchard biocoenoses. The biodiversity of the entomopathogens, predators and parasitoids against some pests have been widely investigated. However, the changes in the climate conditions and mainly in the agriculture led to alterations of the pest`s associations and species composition of the beneficial arthropods and entomopathogens. The present research generalized the information about the biodiversity and the dominant species of the beneficial entomopathogens, acarophagous and entomophagous organisms against the insect pests on apple, pear and quince trees in Bulgaria.