Complex combination with phytonutritive and antipest effect for agriculture
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Author: Istrati, L.; Harja, M.; Gavrila, L.; Ciobanu, G.; Rusu, N.
The fertilization of leaves has a big importance in the critical periods of the vegetal cycle when with minimal doses of fertilizers who is going to a big increment of production. Throw the association of leaves fertilization with some pesticides are resulting the stimulation development of plants throw diminution of the negative effect caused by pathogen agents. The paper is part of a series of papers who presents the effectuated researches for the realisation of liquid combination who must have a Phyto nutritive effect, eventually a stimulation effect of the plant's development and the anti-pest effect with a mixture of pesticides. In this paper is presenting the researches made in the laboratory regarding the compatibility of simple and complex liquid fertilizers with some usual product with anti-pest effect.