Laspeyresia Pomonella L. and natural enemies - parasitoides hymenoptera
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Author: Lazarevska, S.; Postolovksi, M.; Nacevski, S.; Tomeva, E.
L. pomonella is an economically important pest and the injuries of apple codling moth on apple and pear could be up to 90% depending on the quality of the control measures during the growing season. In some cases, natural enemies, especially Hymenopterian could provide sufficient control of Apple codling moth. Quality and quantity composition of Hymenoptera parasitoids on apple codling moth in Northern and Central part of Macedonia is presented with 3 species: Chelonus spp. (Braconidae); Lissonota fundator Thunb. (Branchinae, Ichneumonidae), Eupteromalus submarginatus Thomps. (Pteromalidae).