Studies concerning eficacity of some erbicides in Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense L.) control from culture
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Author: Chirita, Ramona; Grozea, Ioana; Levente, M.; Manea, D.; Carabet, A.
In Romania, Johnson grass damages and keep damaging (80-95% even full damages) in corn culture. Infestation degree was high in all the variants up to 90%. In this paperwork used erbicedes was: Mistral (nicosulfuron), Equio (foramsulfuron), Mais Ter (foramsulfuron + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium), Callisto (mesotrione), Mikado (sulcotrione), Terano (metosulam + flufenacet). This six erbicides was applied in four doses in three vegetal periods ( period I: 3-4 leaves, period II: 5-6 leaves, period III: 8-10 leaves). After application of the postemergent erbicedes I have done periodical observations concerning efficacity in Johnson grass control. We had determined corn beans yield at STAS humidity. Yields varied between 470 kg/ha (at non-weeding variant) and 4925 kg/ha (at variant treated with Mistral in 5l/ha doses)