Effect of some plant growth regulators as antodotes of gamma-irradiation stress in ceareals
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Author: Stoeva, Nevena; Berova, Malgozata; Zlatev, Zlatko; Bineva, Tzetanka
The objective of the research was to determine the antidote effect of the substances 4-PU-30, Tidiazuron, Diphenilurea, and polyamine DETA on some physiological parameters in gamma-irradiated maize and barley seeds. The plants were grown under laboratory conditions till they became 30-day old. The results of the experiment showed that the applied substances reduced the effect of the gamma-irradiation stress, while at the same time stimulating the leaf gas-exchange and the plastid pigments and protein synthesis. The lipid peroxidation rate and the peroxidase activity were reduced. The substances Tidiazuron and DETA had the best recovering effect.