The role of Teleomorph in life cycle of Uncinula Necator
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Author: Nakova, Mariana; Nakov, Boris; Dimitrov, Krasimir; Sakakusheva, Kamelia
The first report about powdery mildew in grapes for Bulgaria is from Kostov, in 1900. Teleomorph has been found later during 1923 from Nedelchev, but it does not have an important role in pathogen life cycle. That is confirmed by later studies of Valkov. During the second half of 20th-century powdery mildew has become one of the major diseases in grapes in Bulgaria. In the period 1994 - 1995 in some vineyards of Plovdiv region during the second half of September and beginning of October large number of cleistothecia has been formed on the leaves, leaf stalk and shoots. That analyses point out that cleistothecia are found after stress meteorological changes - extremely high temperatures during August /dry and hot weather/ followed by a rapid drop in temperature during September - October. Ascospores are formed at the end of October and during November. Single ascospores can cause infection till the end of April - May.