The impact of water extracts from some weed species on the wheat`s seeds vigour
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Author: Wrzesinska, Eleonora; Wereszczaka, Jacek; Puzynski, Stanislaw
In a laboratory study an impact of different solutions: A - 0.0 (control), B - 0,5%, C - 1,0%, D - 1,5%, E - 2,0% of water extracts from some weeds Chelidonium maius L., Arthemisia absinthium L., Cnicus benedictus L., Equisetum arvense L. on vigour of seeds of winter and spring wheat was tested. The results have reviled that initial growth was depended on solutions of water extracts as well as from biological form of the crop. The extracts with the lowest solution (0,5%), as a general rule, significantly have increased vigour of seeds while the highest solution (2,0%), generally limited plants growth. Winter wheat had significantly higher tested values on all extracts in comparison with spring form of wheat. [ENG].