Influence of some leaf fertilizers on the development and productivity of the oilseed rapeseed
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Author: Zhivko Todorov
During the period 2009-2012 a field experiment was carried out at the Experimental and Implementation Base of the Plant Growing Department of the Agricultural University in Plovdiv. The experiment was performed according to the method of the separated land plots, repeated four times, with dimensions of the harvested land plot – 20 m2. Hybrids were tested such as Vektra, Fines and Visbi, which were treated with the leaf fertilizers Cinak – 100 ml/da, Lactofol S – 1 l/da and Lactofol B – 600 ml/da. The treatment with leaf fertilizers was done during the phenophases sixth-eighth leaf, stem formation, and between the phases of square formation and the beginning of blossoming. As a result of the performed experiment it was found that the treatment with leaf fertilizers did not affect the course of the phenophases. The structural elements during the years of the experiment had higher values in the variants treated with leaf fertilizers compared with the untreated variant. The yield of seeds averagely for the experimental period was lower for the untreated variant (the Visbi hybrid – 448.7 kg/da followed by Vektra - 401.5 kg/da and Fines – 379.1 kg/da) compared with the variants treated with leaf fertilizers (the Visbi hybrid – 476.8 kg/da followed by Vektra – 429.9 kg/da and Fines – 419.5 kg/da).

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