Hygiene and energy characteristics and efficiency of premises for boars
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Author: Hristo Hristev, Ivelina Zapryanova
An energetic and hygiene evaluation has been made of a building for breeding boars with a total area of 152 m2 and populating density – 0,100 kg/m2. The temperature in the premises in winter has been found to often be below the recommended hygiene limits and to exceed them in summer. The low populating density of the building is assumed to be the main reason for its negative thermal balance (-18,374 kJ/h). The relative humidity in winter exceeds the optimum of 80% while for most of the summer it fluctuates within admissible limits. The established thermostability factor (D = 4,2 kJ/m2.h.0C) determines the building as medium-isolated and of medium heat-conductivity. The accumulation capacity of the building does not exceed 8.80С.

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