10. Succession in family agribusiness in the experience- innovation relationship

Author: Elena Yordanova


This report emphasizes the leading role of the human factor in the development of modern agriculture and its sustainable management, focusing on intergenerational continuity through the transmission of experience and the stimulation of innovation leading to efficiency in agricultural holdings. However, the trend related to the advanced age of most agricultural producers and the lack of enough young competent entrepreneurs to use the advantages of technology in agricultural production stands out. The purpose of our research is related to the study and generalization of main trends in the direction of continuity in family farms, emphasizing the importance of two main factors, namely: family workforce and age of farmers. Research methods used in the study include: general scientific research methods, summary and synthesis, logical method, graphical representation of characteristics and trends. The results and conclusions of the research are directed and summarized in the influence of the studied factors on the management process and their importance for the implementation of continuity in the family-type agricultural organizations.

Key words: continuity, experience, innovation, family agribusiness