Dear Authors,

Thank you for your choice to publish in Scientific Works of the Agricultural University –  an yearbook whit more of sixty years of tradition.
We would like to inform you that since 2012 articles are submitted only in electronic form.
At the technical design of your article, please carefully follow the instructions.

Best regards,
Editorial Board



The original scientific articles in the collection Scientific Works of the Agricultural University always have a summary, introduction, description of material and methods, results, conclusions and references.

The summary is minimum 15 rows and gives in a form as concise as possible the subject of study, experimental material and methods, basic results and conclusions.

Keywords – up to 5.
Introduction – justifies the necessity of the studies on the background of data in modern publication for the specific problem; the working hypothesis and objectives are formulated.
The materials and methods used in the study are described or quoted clearly and correctly.
The result section presents the original study results that significantly contribute to scientific development. Detailed descriptions of primary and statistically unprocessed data are not included.
The review articles have to focus on relevant and scientifically important problems in various scientific fields and they have to contain a thorough and detailed analysis of Bulgarian and world achievements in these fields.
Short scientific messages report original results of created new varieties, new technologies or new plant forms and methods.

Authors that are not university members pay BGN 8 per page for publication their articles in the Collection.
The authors from abroad submit their article in English only.

Technical Layout

The articles have to be written in MS Word for Windows and the figures are in the form of bitmap images in format *.TIFF or *.JPG (with resolution suitable for print).

The papers are submitted to the Academic Publishing House by E-mail. They have to be written on standard pages with format А4; margins – Top 6,7 cm, Left, Right, Bottom – 4 cm; Ariel, Size 10.
Line spacing – Format, Paragraph, Linespacing – Single.
Leave 4 empty lines on the first page on top (Font Size 10) as a “cap”.
Title in Bulgarian and in English – Font Size 10, capitals, centered, bold. One empty line.

Proper and family name of the author (authors) in Bulgarian and English – font size 10, standard letters, centered, bold. One empty line.
E-mail of the author that will correspond with the Editors’ Team, Bold.
This is followed by summaries in Bulgarian and English (up to 10 lines or 150 words) – font size 10, justified, and keywords in Bulgarian and English – up to 5. One empty line.
Text of the article. Volume – from 4 to 10 pages (even number), font size 10, justified. Indent (new line of a paragraph) – Paragraph, first line – by: 0.7 cm.
The title of the sections should be written in capital letters, centered, bold.
Tables are placed in their corresponding places in the text. The title of tables and their texts are written in Bulgarian and English. Illustrations and figures are placed in their places in the text. The component parts of figures are identified by small Latin characters (а, в, с …). Figure titles have to be in Bulgarian and English.
The International System of Units SI is used. Fractions are written using the decimal comma, not point.

When quoting inside the text, use the family-year standard. If there are several quotations supporting a thesis, they are chronologically ordered. Authors are quoted mentioning their family name (without initial for the proper name) and year. E.g. “… in the opinion of Rankova (2008)…”; “This is also supported by other authors (Petrov, 2000), (Wayland and Rieger, 1991)”. When quoting separate pages from a book, this must be mentioned in the text of the article. E.g. “…in the opinion of Кramer et al. (1993, рр. 725-736)”.

The list of references must include all authors and titles mentioned in the text. If several works, published in the same year by the same author/s, are quoted, add character identifications: 2005а, 2005b, etc. The magazines, books, collections, etc. mentioned in the references must have a complete bibliographic description.

In connection with our transition to the new rating system and European standard and our application for entry in the Sсopus database, we already observe its requirement for compulsory transliteration of article literature and quotations inside the text in Latin characters.
The linguistic and stylistic layout of the materials is the obligation and responsibility of the authors.

Please note, papers not meeting the requirements of the Editors’ Team will be returned to the authors for correction.

The final decision about publishing the presented papers will be made by the Editors’ Team on the basis of the opinion of reviewers appointed by it.

The Annual Collection does not accept materials partially or fully published or in the process of publishing in other editions.

In case that the abovementioned requirements are not met, the Editors’ Team will not release the materials, will not send back papers or will not be responsible for articles not collected within 6 months.