12. Characterizing of the agrobiological response of garden pea in organic production

Author: Slavka Kalapchieva, Stoyka Masheva, Vinelina Yankova

DOI: n/a


Studies on the argobiological response of four garden pea varieties have been conducted at different systems for organic production during the period 2008 – 2009 on the experimental plots of the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research institute – Piovdiv.
An increase in the values of the following characters has been observed: total node number per plant, pods per plant, pod weight and green grains from plant in early variety Pulpudeva and late variety Vyatovo for the four organic production systems.
The two factor analysis of variance demonstrates presence of significant differences between the studied genotypes (p≤0,001) in all studied characters.
Variation of the morphological characters (22.90% – 97.64%) is due to the influence of the genotypic differences between the studied varieties.