14. Testing the susceptibility of barley varieties to economically important diseases

Author: Zvezdomir Zhelev, Spas Peev, Nevin Emin

DOI: n/a


Twenty barley varieties of Bulgarian and foreign origin were tested under natural infection conditions yet causing the development of an artificial microclimate. The main disease problem in the trial was barley net blotch.
According to the reaction to that disease the varieties were grouped in three major categories; very susceptible (Kristi, Kaskadyor-3 with 23.7% and 19.5% severity of leaf infection respectively), moderately susceptible with 5-10% severity (most of the tested variants) and less susceptible – severity lower than 5% (Passo, Aheloy-2, Gerlah, Giga and Tangra).
The rate of lodging of all varieties was evaluated as well.