15. Multifunctional measures in the rural development programme – a good basis for the multifunctional agriculture

Author: Violeta Dirimanova

DOI: n/a


The implementation of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in Bulgaria has a great influence on the agricultural development in the country. However, it is difficult to find a special measure specifically designed for the multifunctionality. The aim of the paper is examine various measures that make use of the multifunctional agriculture and their impact on improving the economic and social life and protected environment in the rural area in North Eastern Bulgaria. By using interviews conducted with experts and farmers participating in the RDP in the study region, it will be analyzed preferred range of measures used by farmers for the implementation of multifunctional agriculture. The results of the study show that farmers have directed their interest to modernization of agricultural holdings and agri-environmental payments, and also to diversification to non-agricultural activities or just for the development of integrated tourism in rural area.