8. Study on some biochemical indicators of the blood serum in terminal boars (preliminary data)

Author: Veselina Markova, Ivelina Zapryanova, Roumiana Ivanova

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.01.008


The aim of the study was to trace in dynamics the variation of some biochemical indicators of blood serum in terminal boars (Large White x Pietrain). The variation of Creatine kinase, U/L; Triglycerides, mmol/L; Cholesterol, mmol/L; Glucose, mmol/L; Calcium, mmol/L; Phosphorus, mmol/L and Magnesium, mmol/L were studied. In the conditions of the experiment was found that the values of Triglycerides and Phosphorus tended to decrease with the age. About Cholesterol, Glucose and Magnesium the direction is to increase in older boars. The Creatine kinase and Calcium ratios have an insignificantly change with the age. The first cluster includes individuals with higher Creatine kinase (P<0.05), Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels in the blood serum. The second cluster forms blood samples of the one and the same boar taken at different ages. This similar group has a Creatine kinase (P<0.05), enhanced levels of glucose, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.