10. Consolidation of property rights or competition in agricultural land resources – does cap guarantee public interest

Author: Aneta Roycheva, Minko Georgiev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.01.010


The current article analyses the effects of the CAP that have been transposed into Bulgarian national legislation in the form of a procedure consolidating the property rights, production factors and economic organizations in terms of agricultural land use. The problem originates from the fact that, due to the rules supporting consolidation and integration, a conflict arises with the goals of competition implemented in the CAP. Such an internal contradiction between goals makes the effect of property right regimes ambiguous, eventually leading to a high level of concentration and dominant position on a local scale. Ultimately, in the long-term perspective, this has led to deepening polarization and social inequalities between economic agents of different types and capacity, as well as between producers of various kinds of agricultural products.