17. Application of tableau public free data visualization software in the pesticides treatments decision taking process on the base of BBCH codes

Author: Donyo Ganchev, Venelin Roychev, Nikolina Shopova, Dimitar Zhelev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.02.017


BBCH-scale is a scale used to identify the phenological development stages of a plant. BBCH officially stands for „Biologische Bundesanstalt, Bundessortenamt und Chemische Industrie“. The abbreviation of the scale is also said to unofficially represent the four companies that initially sponsored its development. From 2001 BBCH became officially standard in the agricultural and biological science and practice.

Due to BBCH codes, the agronomist can surely and safely apply pesticides. However taking the right decision about using given pesticide, respectively – plant protection product is a lot of complication process due to numerous properties as an octanol-water coefficient, vapour pressure, leaching potential, mode of action, formulation and others, plus necessity to be taken into account the BBCH intervals for the application.

For such purposes, different kind of software products for decision making and data visualization, which gained enormous popularity during recent years, can be used successfully to facilitate this process and ensure the correct, profitable and environmentally safe selection of the plant protection products.