19. Study of genetic distance of virginia tobacco genotypes according to some biometric indicators

Author: Neli Keranova, Marina Drumeva-Yoncheva, Yonko Yonchev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.02.019


The subject of research in the present work is four hybrid combinations of Virginia tobacco. The three-year experiment conducted in the experimental base of the Institute for Tobacco and Tobacco Products in the village of Markovo took into account the change in the following biometric indicators: plant height, number of leaves, length and width of the twelfth leave. The genetic distance of the hybrids according to the above-mentioned signs has been studied. A combination of mathematical and statistical approaches was applied. The genotypes are grouped in clusters by hierarchical cluster analysis. Factor analysis determines the extent of impact of each indicator on the change in overall dispersion. It was found that for each year of research the hybrids are grouped into three clusters, where in 2013 clustering is influenced by the number of leaves, in 2014 – by the size of the twelfth leave and in 2015 – by the length of the twelfth leave. For 2013, the most distant are the X33 and X27, due to the number of leaves and the plant height. For 2014 and 2015, the largest genetic differences were found between X51 and X27 due to the size of the twelfth leave.