22. Aphidophagous in plum and peach agrocenosis in the region of Plovdiv

Author: Radoslav Andreev, Pavlin Vasilev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2018.02.022


In the region of Plovdiv (Central-South Bulgaria) during 2013-2015 were found 4 aphids on plum and 6 on peach. Eighteen aphidophagous were found in their colonies – predators and parasitoids from 4 orders and 6 families. The species complex and population density of the predators was significantly greater. Of those prevailing predatory ladybugs. Other predatory insects – larvae hoverflies, green lacewing and predatory midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza are with low density.

Established parasitoids are 7 species from order Hymenoptera most of family Braconidae (subfamily Aphidiinae) and one from family Pteromalidae. They parasite the main species of aphids in both agrocenoses, but their importance is low. The aphidphage complex reduces the density of the aphids at the beginning and end of the vegetation period or when colonies are depressed, but they are unable to keep their density at a low level in periods of active population growth.