19. Effect of sowing rate and nitrogen fertilization on the productivity of Triticale variety Sarnitsa

Author: Tanko Kolev

DOI: n/a


Field experiment for studying the specific response of Triticale variety Sarnitsa to the sowing rate (400, 500 and 600 germinable seeds/m2) and the rate of nitrogen fertilization (N0; N60; N100; P140 and N180 kg/ha) to applied has been carried out during the 2005-2008 period in the Experimental Field of the Plant Growing Department of the Agricultural University in Plovdiv with the purpose of establishing optimum values for these factors in process of studied variety growing.
The following inferences have been drawn from this study.
The Triticale variety Sarnitsa on the average of three years, most fully manifested its productive capacities when grow with 500 germinable seeds/m2 and applying nitrogen fertilization N140 kg/ha in active substance.
It was established that variety Sarnitsa produced the highest grain yield average whit 2.15 t/ha due to the highest number of the grains and mass of the grains per spike.