2. Common agricultural policy measures to mitigate climate change

Author: Radka Nenova


The purpose of this report is to establish the role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in mitigating and adapting to the adverse effects of climate change. To achieve this, a comparative analysis was made between the measures in force in previous periods and the guidelines of the New CAP: 2023 – 2027. From a methodological point of view, the comparison is based on existing official documents of the European Union (EU), incl. strategies, evaluation reports, as well as the National Program for Rural Development of Bulgaria for several programming periods. The results of the study show that the importance of the CAP in tackling climate change is growing and the measures taken are increasing, but at the same time the progress made is insufficient. The main conclusion is that in the future, small farms will be the driving force for adapting to climate change and reducing adverse effects.

Key words: Common Agricultural Policy, measures, climate change, mitigation, smallholdings