2. Major pathways of entry and spread potential of the species complex Bemisia tabaci in Bulgaria

Author: Olia Karadjova, Zhenya Ilieva, Elena Petrova

DOI: n/a


An assessment of the phytosanitary risk connected to the species complex Bemisia tabaci and the viruses it transmits was prepared. Three major pathways of entry of the pests in the EU were considered: planting material; cut flowers; fruits and vegetables, including leaf spices. The analysis was performed based on data from EUROSTAT and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) on import from third countries for the period 1999–2014. Information from BFSA on infested consignments intercepted during border inspection and breakouts of B. tabaci in greenhouses was also taken into account. The import of planting material is the most important pathway of entry of non-European populations of B. tabaci in Bulgaria and can be assessed as a likely one. The species identification of Bulgarian populations of B. tabaci is of great practical importance.