2. Organic food consumption in Bulgaria: motives and barriers

Author: Nelly Bencheva, Teodora Stoeva, Ekaterina Valcheva, Milena Tepavicharova

DOI: n/a


The increased supply of organic food in large food chains and specialized stores attracts the interest of an ever rising number of consumers. As a result, the necessity to study the main factors, motives and barriers associated with the consumption of organic food deepens. The study of its power and influence is crucial to manufacturers and retailers with regard to the development of marketing approaches and strategies of the supply and demand of these food products.
The consumers believe that organic food, though more expensive than non-organic, is healthier, tastier and is produced in ways that protect and preserve the environment. Consumer confidence in the quality of these foods is higher, because of the strict control and standards of production. According to surveyed consumers some of the most important characteristics of organic food are its wholesomeness and high quality. A major barrier to the development of the organic food market in Bulgaria is the high cost (37%) followed by lack of consumer awareness (24%), lesser availability of organic products in the food web (29%), short shelf life (20%), etc.