2. Pests on ornamental trees and shrubs in urban environement

Author: Stiljana Djuleva, Atanaska Stoeva

DOI: n/a


Ornamental plants are important components of modern life, representing a great attraction to our domestic, leisure and working environments. Growing ornamentals in mixed compositions is a problem not only for the cultural techniques but also for plant protection measures. The study was conducted in 2013–2014 on ornamental trees and shrubs in the urban environments of Plovdiv. The arthropod pest fauna was presented by 48 species – 45 insects and 3 mites. The proportion of insect orders was – 56% for Hemiptera (25 species from 7 families), 20% for Coleoptera (9 species from 5 families), 9% for Lepidoptera, 9% for Hymenoptera, 4% for Orthoptera and 2% for Thysanoptera. Aphids were the majority of insect pest fauna (15 species). Many of the remaining families were represented by a single species. Phytophagous mites were represented by the families Tetranychidae and Eriophyidae.