2. Sustainable development of the intangible cultural heritage

Author: Tanya Parusheva

DOI: n/a


The article aims to analyze and discuss the sustainable development of the intangible cultural heritage. The attention is focussed on the concept of intangible cultural heritage. The objects of UNESCO world intangible heritage in Bulgaria are reviewed. The relationship cultural tourism – intangible cultural heritage is analyzed as well. The inadequate management of the tourism industry is considered as a factor of cultural erosion of certain groups and societies.
Special attention is paid to the sustainable development and protection of the living cultural heritage. There is a special focus on crafts and performing arts in the context of the sustainable cultural tourism. The living heritage is presented in the context of agri- and eco-tourism. The economic aspects of cultural tourism are thoroughly discussed.
The issues of homogenization and standardization of the intangible cultural heritage are treated. As a reasonable conclusion it could be noted that tourism is the engine of the economic development and preservation of cultural heritage for the future generations. The author launches the idea that the intangible cultural heritage must be intelligently managed to survive in the globalized world.