20. Use of recurrent selection in middle late synthetic maize population. III. Results of the third cycle and effect of breeding in synthetic “1/2005”

Author: Natalia Petrovska, Valentina Valkova

DOI: n/a


The current research shows the results of a third complete recurrent selection cycle in a mid-late synthetic population”1/2005” where the inbred line PAU 1617 is used as a recurrent parent. The aim of this selection of improvement is to obtain inbred lines from the synthetic with increased combining ability which can be used as parental components for the creation of hybrids from this maturity group.
As a direct outcome of the research, 15 best crosses have been pointed out – PAU1617x49/5,PAU 1617×99/1,PAU1617 x53/2,PAU1617x29/5,PAU1617x19/5,PAU1617 x 51/5,PAU 1617x 19/6,PAU1617x47/3,PAU1617x47/1,PAU1617x49/6, PAU1617 x 53/5, PAU 1617x 57/5,PAU1617x19/2,PAU1617x61/6, PAU1617x97/7. They exceed in grain yield the standard in the maturity group respectively by 23.9, 17.5, 15.7, 15.6, 15.4, 11.6, 11.4, 9.5, 6.0, 6.0, 5.8, 5.7, 5.5, 5.3 and 5.0 %.