4. Marketing strategy for a new product of winery “Villa Hisaria”

Author: Manuela Stoyanova

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2020.01.004


The strong competition in the wine market makes wine cellars to use marketing approach in the management of the business. The implementation of the marketing management approach in practice begins with the formulation of a company marketing strategy. Choosing and implementing an appropriate marketing strategy is particularly important in managing wine supply. The modern market trends of new and better quality wines require wine cellars to develop marketing strategies for new products. These strategies are difficult to implement and require good preparation as an idea and a concept. The success of implementing this type of marketing strategy is a sure indicator of wine cellars’ ability to develop their business.

The aim of the study is to develop a marketing strategy for a new product – wine. The location of the wine cellar can be a very strong factor for its market positioning. Wine is a product that strongly depends on the qualities of the raw material, which in turn are the product of the specific soil and climatic features of each region. These peculiarities are the basis of the proposed marketing strategy for a new product of the Hissar wine cellar. The wine cellar marketing strategy will give them the opportunity to position themselves in a new market segment by offering high-quality white wine grape varieties in limited quantities and using a trademark to guarantee the geographical indication of origin.