6. Studying the profile of consumer of rural tourist services in the tourist destination of Svezhen

Author: Elka Genova, Milko Genov

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2020.01.006


Over the last years, it has been observing a growing interest in alternative forms of tourism. Rural tourism is one of its faces. It attracts more and more admirers on account of the consumers, as well as entrepreneurs. Such a tendency has been determined by the demand changes of the customers. The increased demand is a result of a glut of mass tourism, dynamics and stress of the contemporary lifestyle, mobility, availability of spare time and sources. The development of activities in the corresponding sphere has a stimulating effect on the country`s economy, it revives the life in the Bulgarian villages. The creation of basic and additional services leads to the presence of the cultural and historical heritage, as well as preserving of the national resources. All this corresponds to the contemporary requirements for development and sustainable tourism.

In response to the contemporary requirements towards the tourism product, it is necessary to examine and analyse tourist needs and attitudes. Satisfying their expectations will Improve service quality. This will affect the economic effectivity of rural tourism sites and will stimulate entrepreneurship in rural regions.