1. Assessment of the governance sustainability of agricultural enterprises in Bulgaria

Author: Angel Sarov


Sustainability is explored in various areas – from sustainable development: through sustainable economic growth, to sustainable ecosystems. In this regard, research on sustainability in agriculture has always been relevant not only for academia but also for practitioners, politicians, consultants, environmentalists, and others. There are three main pillars in the scientific literature for sustainability assessment: economic, social, and environmental. This paper seeks to answer the question: Are these the main pillars for sustainability assessment? And: Can another (governance) pillar be included to help with this assessment?
The task is to measure and assess the governance sustainability of a particularly sensitive sector of the economy, such as agriculture.
A system of principles, criteria and indicators for assessing governance sustainability at the farm level is proposed. The proposed evaluation concept can be a useful tool for adjusting and improving agricultural policy at national, regional, and local levels, as well as its implementation by public administration bodies.
Key words: sustainability, governance sustainability, agriculture