3. Sustainable development of family agricultural holdings through implementation of integrated plant protection

Author: Gergana Slavova, Daniel Stoilov


Family farms are the main form of agriculture farming not only in Bulgaria but also in Western Europe as well as around the world. They are a distinct hereditary agricultural business, whose sustainable development in the agricultural sector is achieved through maintaining the optimal condition of its basic components. From a scientific point of view, this means achieving high and sustainable yield, which can be obtained by: applying integrated and biological plant protection, proper selection of plant materials, reducing the introduction of harmful emissions into the environment, as well as maintaining and improving the quality of food products of agricultural origin, and development of organic farming.
The purpose of this research is to analyze the types and possible methods of plant protection carried out by family farms in Bulgaria in order to obtain higher yields and develop more successful and sustainable agriculture in the future.
The methods used in this scientific paper are: methods of deduction, analysis, induction, comparison, synergy, the checklist method, and extrapolation.
Key words: sustainable development, family farms, plant protection, integrated and biological plant protection, chemical plant protection.