27. Content of manganese in plant material in different kinds of fertilization

Author: Denka Kostova

DOI: n/a


A new rapid, selective, simple and sensitive extractive-spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace amounts of manganese with Methylene Blue in plant material was used.
The influence of fertilization has been studied upon the content of manganese in eggplant samples. A certain research has been carried out for the content of manganese under the influence of soil fertilization, leaf fertilization and mixed fertilization (soil and leaf). In connection with this aspect some leaf fertilizers have been tested, such as: Kristalon, Agroleaf, Fitona, Hortigrow.
The content of manganese is higher in eggplant samples in the treatment of plants with the leaf fertilizer Kristalon – 24.05 mg kg-1 Mn. By all means this is due to the fact that the leaf fertilizer Kristalon comprises in its composition 0.04 % Mn. The experimental data show that the highest is the content of Mn 27.30 mg kg-1 in soil fertilization N12P6K6 and leaf fertilizer Kristalon.