29. Improving the quality of the tourism product by protecting the natural resources and cultural heritage

Author: Dessislava Alexova

DOI: n/a


In the years of transition a lot of mistakes were made in the tourism development which led to spontaneous and non methodical overdevelopment, loss of traditional markets and partners, decrease of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian tourism product, destruction of national tourism resources as well as of natural, cultural and historical valuables. In order to limit the negative trends and increase the quality of the tourism product, a group of public tourism and environmental organizations joined forces around the cause of preserving the natural resources and cultural heritage of the basis of which to develop tourism. As a result of dialogues and workshops related to the working out of positions they set common goals and similar legal and institutional issues in the field of nature conservation, cultural heritage and tourism. That outcome required the drawing up of a Memorandum on the sustainable development of Bulgarian tourism, nature conservation and cultural heritage, respecting the fundamental principles of the Global Code of Ethics in Tourism. An expert concil of representatives of the organizations that signed the Memorandum was established to implement its objectives and principles. The union proved to be workable and has begun to function as a tool for implementing the ethical principles and policies in the three sectors.