3. Horizontal integration processes in agriculture and the benefits of management within a group of agricultural producers

Author: Bożena Karwat-Woźniak

DOI: n/a


One of the weaknesses of Polish agriculture is its highly fragmented structure, which determines the distribution large supply of agricultural raw materials. Creating producer groups is a substitute of the production concentration. The study, based on the IAFE-NRI field research, outlines the economic benefits associated with the creation of producer groups in Poland as well as socio-economic characteristics of their members. The work (surveys) carried out shows that co-operation was undertaken mostly by young and well-educated farmers who treated their job professionally. However, the advancement of this process is minimal with limited influence on the situation of farmers in the agricultural market. In the case of single farm households, undertaking joint activities has contributed to a number of positive developments, i.e. growth of sales and incomes.