4. Agricultural risk management in small farms via innovations

Author: Annie Dimitrova

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2020.02.004


Implementations of innovations in the agrarian sector would contribute to better risk management in the sector. Through the new achievements of science and the use of innovative methods and technologies, the stability of the sector can be increased as the farmer will be able to control the crisis processes and minimize unforeseen circumstances that can cause damage to the production in the farm. The purpose of the report is to identify and classify innovative practices and models to minimize the risk in the agrarian sector, particularly those suitable for small farms, and to summarize with the help of a survey of farmers’ attitudes towards introducing innovations in their farms through which to limit the risk. The publication is based on the results of Project NI-16/2018 „Integrated approach to risk management in the agrarian sector“ and is part of the dissemination of dissertation results in the field of innovation.