40. Internet of things as a means for higher tourist satisfaction and expenses regulation in rural tourism

Author: Vladimir Karafizov

DOI: n/a


The relatively low technological nature of rural tourism is maybe one of its key features. Standard usage of Information Technologies is instant communication with end-users in addition to relatively low-cost advertising of tourist destinations and services. However, the next step in the Information Revolution – the Internet of Things (IoT) is about to enter the Tourism branch and rural tourism businesses could benefit from its diversity, affordability and familiarity with home-based devices and technologies. The smart and connected devices of IoT present the possibility to offer the tourists modern, ecologically aware and personalized products and services, achieving higher user satisfaction. The devices collect data, react according to the user’s demand or preference and can help the business predict future occupation, resource usage or prevent unauthorized access or health damages. Being a rapidly evolving, software based object, the IoT should be constantly tested, supervised and maintained for securing confidential and data integrity. A periodical personnel training is crucial for the effective use of the new technologies and the resulting excellent end-user experience.