41. Research on the suitability of erosion terrains for the creation of orchards

Author: Violeta Valcheva, Mladen Almaliev, Krasimir Trendafilov

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.041


The aim of the study was to make soil-climatic characteristics of the terrains located in the area of Elena, belonging to the European-continental climatic region and to assess their suitability for the creation of orchards. The structure of the harmful acidity and the degree of soil saturation with bases were determined based on the obtained results from the study, as well as a plan was proposed for the melioration of the areas and recommended fertilization rates reported. The terrain is erosively dangerous, which requires implementation of an appropriate system for tree-planting to reduce the intensity of the erosion process. The content of organic matter in the studied objects cannot meet the requirements of the crops. The established values of the pH indicator in the studied plots presented a significant limitation for the growth of the morello cherries and plums.