45. Cultural heritage conservation as a challenge facing the sustainable destination development

Author: Nevena Arnautska

DOI: n/a


The aim of the present scientific article is to look at the cultural heritage conservation as being a challenge faced by the sustainable development of the tourism destinations. The definitions of the cultural heritage concept have been systemized. Special emphasis is placed on the comprehensiveness of the cultural heritage concept and its constant dynamic development. The focus of attention is on the relationship between tourism and cultural heritage. The synergy, considering the tourist travel as a factor for mutual understanding between nations and as a force supporting peace between countries is highlighted. The preservation of the cultural heritage process is emphasized as one of the main factors supporting the growth of cultural tourism. The importance of the preservation of cultural objects and valuables as a tool for the socio-economical development of the tourism sites is duly noted.
Further the article emphasizes the significance of the cultural heritage as a resource for sustainable tourism development. The necessity to establish a strong cooperation in the field of sustainable tourism, through conservation and better use of the cultural heritage is presented. Мajor strategies to improve the implementation of cultural heritage in the tourism sectors are offered as well. In addition, the main challenges for the preservation of cultural heritage are highlighted. Moreover, the article analyzes the impact the tourism industry has on the preservation of the cultural heritage. Reasons for a proper organization, management and protection of the cultural heritage are given. Basic guidelines for a proper protection of the cultural heritage are presented.
The author argues that only through a strong cooperation between all stakeholders in the cultural heritage protection process, it will be fully preserved for the future generations. Thus, the sustainable development of the destinations will be properly supported.