46. The human factor and increasing its competence in the modern world

Author: Desislava Shatarova

DOI: n/a


Knowledge management is increasingly becoming an integral part of the human factor leading. The incorporation of ICT (information and communications technology) into public sector human resources management strategies is seen to improve the managerial, technical and professional skills of public employees. The use of ICT and capacity for learning is necessary for a modern workforce in the public sector. Today‘s public managers need capacity-building in a variety of skills. One conduit for ICT-based human capacity-building in the public sector is e-learning (or online learning), which can be defined as the use of ICT to acquire information, knowledge and skills. The use of ICT for human capacity—building can provide specialist support and remote diagnosis capability for effective project management. Online Employing e-learning for human capacity-building can contribute to an improvement in the efficiency of the workforce and better delivery of services.