49. Contemporary trends of congress tourism development in Varna

Author: Stefka Hristova

DOI: n/a


The contemporary trends in tourism are reflected in the growing prominence of the specific types of tourism. Thus the aim of the report is to characterize one form of this type of tourism, namely congress tourism. The creation and development of congress tourism is the result of the human need to collaborate and to exchange information and experience. The rich variety of tourism resources in Bulgaria generates favourable conditions for the development of congress tourism. The development of congress tourism results in a high social, political and economic impact. The participants in international events tend to join in groups in time and space to achieve their defined goals by using a set of specific congress services. In this sense, the main objective is to clarify congress tourism in terms of its nature, characteristics, meaning and problems as well as to identify the opportunities for its enhancement in Varna – a particular and most advanced destination for congress tourism.