5. Agriculture business cycle on the background of all-economy cycle from the perspective of Poland

Author: Aleksander Grzelak

DOI: n/a


The key purpose of the article is to define the similarities and differences between agriculture business cycles and all-economy cycles in Poland in the years 2000-2011. One has used data of the Research Institute for Economic Development (IRG) at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw (SGH) – business cycle indicators, which were used in the descriptive analyzes. It has been concluded that the agriculture cycles in Poland have synchronized with economic cycles. It means that economic cycles have an increasing effect on the development processes in this sector. Integration with the EU has substantially modified economic situation in agriculture. It is mostly about business stabilizers in the form of direct payments which constitute the main instrument supporting the sector. The differences between the agriculture business cycles and economic cycles expressed by means of indicators manifested themselves in lower values, less symmetric cycles.