5. Characteristics of domestic and introduced durum wheat varieties (Triticum durum desf.) in the agri-environment conditions of Strumica, Republic of Macedonia

Author: Dragica Spasova, Sasa Mitrev, Dusan Spasov, Biljana Atanasova, Tonya Georgieva, Milan Georgievski

DOI: n/a


The researches were conducted for two years (2009/2010 and 2010/2011), with eight winter durum wheat genotypes, including 2 domestic durum wheat varieties (angela and mina), one durum wheat variety introduced from Serbia (pobeda–2) and 5 durum wheat varieties introduced from Bulgaria (predel, zvezdica, viktorija, progres and bulgaria).
The highest average plant height, regardless of the years of research, had the progres variety (97.7 cm), and the lowest – the angela variety (72.7 cm). The highest average grain yield, regardless of the year of research, had the progres variety (6916 kg/ha), while the lowest (5100 kg/ha) – the angela variety. Regardless of the years of research and genotype, the general average grain yield of durum wheat amounted to 6,229 kg/ha. The highest absolute mass of grains, regardless of the year of examination, had the progress variety (55.7 g), and the lowest (45.8 g) – the predel variety. Comparison of the varieties shows statistically significant differences at the level of 0.05 and 0.01.
The hectoliter mass varies depending on the variety and year of cultivation. The biggest bulk mass of grains, regardless of the year of research, had the progress variety (80.03 kg/hl), and the lowest (75.19 kg/hl) – the pobeda–2 variety. In the two years of research, there are high significant statistical differences among the varieties.