5. Method for calculating carbon and nitrogen transformation’s effectiveness along the chain wastes–methane generator–methane/carbon dioxide

Author: Anna Aladjadjiyan, Dimo Penkov

DOI: n/a


Based on primary data from the processing plant of organic food waste Han Bogrov – Sofia, Bulgaria, the authors have proposed a methodology and calculated the basic values of the ratios of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen incoming with the primary waste and their percentage distribution in the output as the ratio of methane (CO2)NH3.
It was found that from the incoming main organogenic elements, for the production of methane 0.6% of carbon and 1.3% of hydrogen were recovered. The quantities of the elements that were exuded as carbon dioxide (3% of carbon) and ammonia (34% of the incoming nitrogen and 3% of the incoming hydrogen) were more significant
The proposed methodology also allows the prediction of the other elements of so called group Soil fertilizers in the primary digestate. It is a good basis for training students of ecology.