5. Study of the sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivar biggareau burlat grafted on tree interstocks

Author: Valentina Ivanova, Valentin Lichev

DOI: n/a


In the period 2012–2013 the influence of 3 interstocks on the growth and fruit bearing of the sweet cherry cultivar Biggareau Burlat grafted on Prunus mahaleb P1 seedling rootstock was tested. Gisela 5, Prunus cerasus North Star and 2/10 hybrid were used as interstocks, each of them of two lengths – 10 and 30 cm. The trees were planted in March 2006 at a planting distance of 6.0×4.5 m and were grown without irrigation and training. The sweet cherry cultivar Stella planted in neighboring rows was used for the pollination of the Biggareau Burlat. As for the thickness of the interstock, with the increase of the length their thickness is decreasing. The opposite tendency is observed for the scion thickness – with the increase of the length of the interstock its thickness decreases. The differences were more pronounced where Gisela 5 was used. The control group demonstrated the biggest crown volume and annual growth. Under the influence of the longer interstock the number of root suckers increased and the fruit size decreased. The differences were more pronounced in trees where Gisela 5 and North Star were used.