6. Agrochemical analysis of soil from the area of the town Targovisthe for determining the value for growing corn

Author: Hristijan Uzunov, Petar Georgiev, Nikolay Minev

DOI: 10.22620/sciworks.2015.05.006


The subject of this research was to establish the quantity of some soil macroelements, including soil reaction, amount of organic matter and the amount of active carbonates. The research was conducted in the period between March and May 2015 in the Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Studies in the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
The fields that were tested are under the names of Ahmak Bunar and Sara Bair, located in the district of Targovishte, the chosen crop for those fields was corn. Using the results of well established methods, conclusions were made about the reserves and the suitability of the soil for the chosen crop.