7. Use of cluster analysis for grouping and evaluation of different oil sunflower hybrids

Author: Velika Kuneva, Nurettin Tahsin

DOI: n/a


The aim of the study is to evaluate the similarity and distance effects of 14 oil sunflower hybrids in maturity phase. The assessment is made based on the following biometric indices – plant height (cm), diameter of the stem (mm), size of the cakes (cm), full seed (%), weight of 1,000 seeds (g), average seed yield ( kg/da) and biological yield of 5,700 plants (kg/da).
The hierarchical cluster analysis is applied and the accessions are grouped in 3 clusters on the basis of the degree of identity between them. The results from the cluster analysis are presented graphically in a dendrogram. The classification and grouping of the hybrids by hierarchical cluster analysis according to their genetic proximity allows increasing the objectivity of the evaluation of the oil sunflower hybrids and it could result in a more rational use in practice.