8. Convergence mechanisms of direct payments within and among member states in 2014-2020

Author: Renata Grochowska

DOI: n/a


The paper discusses the mechanisms of direct payments redistribution under the first pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy. The current conditions of the diversification in direct payment levels among farmers within one country are shown, along with the reasons for establishing different national envelopes for direct payments among Member States. Then, an evaluation of proposed convergence of payments within and among Member States in 2014-2020 is presented. The analysis indicates that direct payments are treated by Member States as a simple instrument to redistribute funds, which provide a balance between their contributions into and out of the EU budget. Net contributors and the biggest beneficiaries of the CAP are not interested in carrying out a significant convergence of payments among Member States. Therefore, significant changes in the redistribution of direct payments within Member States cannot be expected.