8. Inheritance of quantitative signs and some biometric indexes and mutability of the genetic indexes of Knezha 442 maize hybrid. I. Length of the ear, number of rows, number of grains per row

Author: Natalya Petrovska, Valentina Valkova

DOI: n/a


A new mid-early maize hybrid of the Maize Research Institute in Knezha – Knezha 442 – was included in a research during 2013-2015. It showed results for the inheritance of quantitative signs, some biometric indexes and their mutability under various conditions of growing.
The aim of the study was to analyse and evaluate the prevalent gene effects in the inheritance of quantitative signs of maize, their relation to heterosis manifestations and the gene effects, which complete the breeding evaluation of that newly-created and promising hybrid of the Maize Research Institute in Knezha.
It was found that for the indexes of ear length and number of grains per row there was a high manifestation of heterosis, which varied under the changing growing conditions without modifying the direction of the manifestation. There was an unproven positive to negative heterosis with the number of rows index. The overdominance was of the utmost importance for the inheritance of those indexes. The inheritance of the number of rows was intermediate or with the aid of positive overdominance. The dominant gene effects had the biggest share in the inheritance of those quantitative indexes.