9. Study of basic parameters of the quality of grain in durum wheat genotypes

Author: Krasimira Taneva, Rangel Dragov, Ivanka Petrova, Violeta Bozhanova

DOI: n/a


In the investigation were included 25 winter durum wheat lines from the breeding program of the Field Crops Institute – Chirpan. All genotypes were grown under field conditions in the competitive variety trials in two crop years 2011-2013 and were analyzed for the following quality traits: 1,000 kernel weight, vitreous kernels, protein content, wet gluten content, gluten strength – SDS -sedimentation value and yellow pigment content by standard methods and were compared with the standard varieties Predel and Saturn-1. The data were processed statistically by analysis of the variance and Duncan’s multiple range test. The analyzed lines were characterized by medium to large grain (34.5-42.65 g) and high vitreousness (over 80%) in average for the two years of study. The yellow pigments content ranged from low 5.01 ppm (M-287) to high – 9.22 ppm (M-431), but only one line exceeded the standard variety Predel. The grain protein content ranged from 13.09% (Saturn-1) to 17.57% (M-269). The highest grain protein content was found in six of the investigated lines – M-287, M-376, M-562, M-6433, E-8063 and M-269 (over 17% db) in both growing years.